The Code System of a Systematic Literature Review on Pre-Requirements Specification Traceability

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Krause, Julia
Kaufmann, Andreas
Riehle, Dirk

Tracing requirements back to their origin is important to understand the context and to identify all potential concerns or conflicts in the genesis of the requirements. The so-called pre-requirements specification (pre-RS) traceability is part of requirements traceability (RT) and is recognized as an important factor for long-term project success. Different approaches have been developed to connect requirements and their origin, but still, there is no general established solution. Mostly it is seen as an effort without significant benefits leading to resistance towards its implementation. To guide future research, a comprehensive understanding of the use cases, benefits, challenges, and existing approaches encountered is vital. However, the landscape of the scientific literature on this field remains somewhat fragmented, with pre-RS traceability often only considered in the periphery. We, therefore, conducted a systematic literature review, which identified 67 relevant papers. The literature was coded using qualitative data analysis (QDA) methods. In this technical report, we present the whole resulting code system of the QDA and describe the relationships between the identified themes, focusing on the relevance, problems, solutions, and techniques of pre-RS traceability.

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