Analysis and classification of oncology activities on the way to workflow based single source documentation in clinical information systems

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Wagner, Stefan
Beckmann, Matthias W.
Wullich, Bernd
Seggewies, Christof
Ries, Markus
Bürkle, Thomas
Prokosch, Hans-Ulrich

Background Today, cancer documentation is still a tedious task involving many different information systems even within a single institution and it is rarely supported by appropriate documentation workflows. Methods In a comprehensive 14 step analysis we compiled diagnostic and therapeutic pathways for 13 cancer entities using a mixed approach of document analysis, workflow analysis, expert interviews, workflow modelling and feedback loops. These pathways were stepwise classified and categorized to create a final set of grouped pathways and workflows including electronic documentation forms. Results A total of 73 workflows for the 13 entities based on 82 paper documentation forms additionally to computer based documentation systems were compiled in a 724 page document comprising 130 figures, 94 tables and 23 tumour classifications as well as 12 follow-up tables. Stepwise classification made it possible to derive grouped diagnostic and therapeutic pathways for the three major classes

  • solid entities with surgical therapy
  • solid entities with surgical and additional therapeutic activities and
  • non-solid entities. For these classes it was possible to deduct common documentation workflows to support workflow-guided single-source documentation. Conclusions Clinical documentation activities within a Comprehensive Cancer Center can likely be realized in a set of three documentation workflows with conditional branching in a modern workflow supporting clinical information system.
Journal Title
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 15 (2015):S.107-119. <>
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