Fly-Ash-Based Geopolymers: How the Addition of Recycled Glass or Red Mud Waste Influences the Structural and Mechanical Properties

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Toniolo, Nicoletta
Taveri, Giammarco
Hurle, Katrin
Roether, Judith
Ercole, Piero
Dlouhy, Ivo
Boccaccini, Aldo R.

One of the main advantages of geopolymer technology is its capability to accommodate several types of waste that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills in the production of geopolymer materials. This study investigates the possibility of substituting proportions of fly ash, normally used for the synthesis of geopolymers, with recycled glass and red mud waste. Compressive and flexural strength testing, fracture toughness determination, SEM and FTIR analyses were performed. The results show that the compressive strength decreases as the amount of glass in the geopolymer increases; on the other hand, the addition of red mud seems to improve the mechanical behavior. Moreover,onsubstitutionofflyashwithglassandredmud,thegeopolymerdemonstratesasimilarperformancein termsoffracturetoughnessandflexuralstrengthproperties.Theresultsconfirmthatredmudandwasteglasshave the potential to partially replace fly ash in geopolymer synthesis, opening thus the possibility of using geopolymer technologytoreusesuchresiduesintechnicalmaterials.

Journal Title
Journal of ceramic science and technology
Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology 8.3 (2017): S. 411-420. <>
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