Electrodermal Activity: Exploring User Experience through Physiology

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Patel, Tanish

Electrodermal Activity (EDA), also known as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), is a non-invasive measurement technique that assesses emotional arousal, stress responses, and psychological reactions by recording the skin's electrical conductance. This paper provides a concise overview of EDA, its working principle, and its advantages, including real-time feedback and portability. We discuss potential noise sources in EDA data and participant factors influencing measurements, along with practical tips for data collection and analysis. Moreover, we explore the benefits of integrating EDA with other physiological measurements, such as heart rate, eye tracking, and brain activity, to enhance the understanding of user experience (UX). This multidimensional approach provides valuable insights into emotional responses, engagement levels, and user preferences. Finally, we highlight the potential applications of EDA in various domains, such as entertainment, healthcare, market research, and human-computer interaction. As EDA continues to advance with wearable devices and data analysis techniques, it proves to be an essential tool in optimizing UX, predicting user behavior, and improving user experiences in diverse settings.

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